Below are some comments that we have received from our customers about Lyson products and Ink2image

"We have been using Ink2image inks on our Canon wide format machines for over three years. We are very pleased
with their products. Ink2image’s inks cost us less than OEM inks, but to say they’re cheap inks would be an insult. Let’s
just say they’re less expensive. In fact, by using their inks, we’ve saved thousands of dollars!

After extensive color profiling, comparison and real world testing, we have determined Ink2image’s inks are true to the
OEM inks in color, performance, reliability, consistency and head life. We have not experienced any color issues, clogs,
or problems that can be associated with using some of the lesser quality 3rd party inks out there on the market.
Ink2image’s inks are just awesome! We trust their products and their staff and that’s the most important thing. We
receive great service from Ink2image and enjoy working with the folks over there. Every now and then we may have an
“ink emergency” and when we do, getting something overnighted is a breeze.

We just installed Ink2Image’s latest ink cartridges on our Canon iPF 8400 and 9400 printers and are very pleased with
the results. It’s no surprise at all. We also use their inks in our Epson and Roland printers. Let’s just say we’re very
happy customers!"
Marc Leftoff - Gallery Street

Yes, the Ink2image system is a wonderful addition to my studio.  We have used 300 feet of Epson Premium Luster in
the last two weeks.  You should really advertise this system.  I bought it as a lark after seeing in the Calumet catalog for
a while.  I was just sick of changing those little cartridges.  My past experience with 2nd party inks was not good.  In fact,
most non oem inks suck.  But Ink2image is actually better than Epson.  I'm sure a lot of photographers would buy this
package if they new how well it worked.
Fred Galley

Using the new Ink2image R8 Cave Paint ink I would say the gamut is identical (with slight favor in the reds for
Ink2image) and Ink2image about 90-95% as glossy as Epson OEM ink on high gloss paper.
Paul Hornung

I really like the gamut of the Fotonic Inks, especially on Epson Enhanced Matte paper, really good color and neutral
Black and Whites. I'm preparing to set our second 2200 up with your system and inks. Our test printer has been doing
better and better and our students will be giving it a work out this quarter!
Tosh Tanaka, UCSC

I never really write letters, but in this case, I have to. I would like to let you know how pleased I am with your service and
technical support.
Morris Antebi

Ink2image has really nice, custom solutions for whatever effect I am looking for.
Al Satterwhite,

Just to let you know I have been using the Ink2image ink system for a month or two now and really like it. The color
matches in the Ink2image ICC profiles work very close to the Epson.
Scott Hamberg,

An art dealer visited my studio and asked why my prints were so different than those of other photographers. I told him
“because I don’t use Epson inks”.
Jan Faul, Lyson user since 1999

The profile you made is giving me excellent results on the Kodak Professional Glossy.  Interestingly, a printed grayscale
on Kodak Professional Glossy paper and Kodak Premium Glossy paper produce nearly identical images. Many thanks
for the great products and support.
Bob Hodges

I wanted to thank you for your help last week with the paper profiles you emailed me. Because of your assistance I am
able to print with as good or better results as I was getting with the Epson Ink along with greatly reduced costs. I placed
an order for some 8oz refills and look forward to using the Cave Paint system in the future.
Steve Clark

Thank you for your prompt response. We went to the web site and downloaded the profiles. Wow, what a difference
these make. Color is awesome. We are running just about a straight curve for linearization. Thanks much for the help,
and keep up your good products. Your inks have saved me a ton of money by running my proofs on my inkjet instead of
running match prints. Thank you again.
Jim Dostal, Destiny Imaging

I have experimented with the spray coatings, and fortunately they work great for my needs, so I won't need to do the
more complicated brush-on process.  I tried two coats, three coats, five coats and ten coats of the spray-on Print Guard,
and after about three coats the finish seems to stabilize and subsequent coats don't make much difference.  The spray-
on print guard adds a beautiful sheen to my semi-matte prints, and totally eliminates "bronzing," which is a nasty-looking
reflective property of the current Epson inks.  The blacks also are noticeably richer, and there is absolutely no color or
density added to the whites, so the Print Guard has the effect of expanding the tonal range of my prints.  I'm very happy
to have found this wonderful product!
Chris Jordan

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate doing business with Ink2image. Recently, I asked for paper suggestions for
Lysonic inks on an Epson 3000. Soon after, I received two sets of paper samples.  I appreciate that the sets contained
enough sheets to do real testing, versus the puny 2 sheets other paper dealers have send me. Furthermore, I had a
great discussion with one of your technical person, and was able to download the appropriate color profile.
Yesterday, upon receiving the samples, I started my testing and it did not take long to find out that Ink2image Photo
Velvet 305 is exactly was I have been looking for: crisp, sharp image with good deep blacks. I will now place my order for
a lot of paper and inks. I feel that the way your company helped and the quality of your products deserve such a
positive feedback.
Françoise Frigola

I love your CIS and Inks! I print all my work in house with my Epson 2200. Haven't used a lab since getting it. I have
been telling other photographers about your products.
Keith Perry
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