Ink2image supplies the widest range of inkjet inks for photographic and fine art printer users
available on the market today. World renowned for quality and performance, Ink2image inks are
made in both dye and pigment formulations. Supplied in ready to use wide format printer
cartridges, and in bulk bottles for use with our range of
bulk ink feed systems, Ink2image inks
are available for most popular models of desk top and wide format photographic printers from
Epson and Canon, including wide format printer models that use Epson print head technology. .
Below is a brief synopsis on each of the ink types offered. For more information on each of the
inks and the printer models supported, click at the end of each paragraph.
The award winning Cave Paint pigment inks are the most advanced pigment inks available on
the market today. The longevity of images is assured through the use of the most light stable
colorants available, and micro encapsulation pigment technology provides bright colors on both
matte and gloss media. Cave Paint is available in several different versions dependent on
printer model, including the new Cave Paint Elite Enhanced formulation, inks that are color
matched to Epson Ultrachrome K3, Ultrachrome K3 Vivid, and Ultrachrome HDR, so they can be
used without re-profiling
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The Fotonic archival XG V2 dye inks provide great color combined with a higher degree of fade
resistance. These inks use unique, specially developed high strength dyes to increase the
longevity of a print by four to five times compared to normal dye based ink sets. When used with
recommended media, the display life of a Fotonic print is in the range of 25-30 years under
average indoor display conditions. The Fotonic XG V2 Premium ink set mirrors the color
performance and longevity of the Epson Claria inks
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Our range of high quality, competitively priced inks for many models of Epson, Canon and HP
printer models. The Ink2image Absolute range includes both pigment and dye formulations that
are color matched closely to the original inks to provide a simple and easy to use alternative to
running expensive OEM cartridges. Designed for use with the Ink2image range of bulk ink
systems, or for customers who prefer to refill cartridges themselves
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Our range of inks specially developed for the printing of screen separations using Epson
printers. The i2i Absolute Black inks uses UV absorbing dyes to provide superior light blocking
performance and improved scratch resistance compared to the original inks. Absolute Clear inks
are a cost saving alternative to full color inks for customers who only print with the black channel
during the screen separation process
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