Following on the success of our cartridges for Epson wide format printers, Ink2image now offers the same cost saving
benefits to users of Canon wide format models with the introduction of our i2i Absolute Match CWF pigment and dye inks.

The i2i Absolute Match CWF pigment and dye ink sets are precisely color matched to the original Canon pigment and
dye inks so existing color settings and profiles can happily be used with our inks. Supplied in compatible ready to use
cartridges that include ink level monitoring chips, the i2i inks are also freely mixable with the original inks, so no printer
completely deplete their existing inventory of inks before fully switching to our inks.

As with all Ink2image color matched inks, the i2i Absolute Match CWF inks have undergone direct fade testing alongside
the original Canon inks, and the results show slightly better fade resistance with all colors – users can be assured that
prints made with our inks will provide the same level of longevity as claimed with the original inks. The i2i inks have also
been exhaustively machine tested for print reliability both in-house and at customer beta sites, and they have proven to
be just as clean running with the same non-clogging performance and print head life expectations as the original inks.

"We have been using Ink2image inks on our Canon wide format machines for over three years. We are very pleased
with their products. Ink2image’s inks cost us less than OEM inks, but to say they’re cheap inks would be an insult. Let’s
just say they’re less expensive. In fact, by using their inks, we’ve saved thousands of dollars!

After extensive color profiling, comparison and real world testing, we have determined Ink2image’s inks are true to the
OEM inks in color, performance, reliability, consistency and head life. We have not experienced any color issues, clogs,
or problems that can be associated with using some of the lesser quality 3rd party inks out there on the market.
Ink2image’s inks are just awesome! We trust their products and their staff and that’s the most important thing. We
receive great service from Ink2image and enjoy working with the folks over there. Every now and then we may have an
“ink emergency” and when we do, getting something overnighted is a breeze.

We just installed Ink2Image’s latest ink cartridges on our Canon iPF 8400 and 9400 printers and are very pleased with
the results. It’s no surprise at all. We also use their inks in our Epson and Roland printers. Let’s just say we’re very
happy customers!"

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The cost saving from using the i2i Absolute Match CWF inks is quite significant with our compatible cartridges priced at
original cartridges per month at a typical street price of $ 285 each, would spend $ 40,320 per year on Canon cartridges.
By using Ink2image cartridges, the same user would spend only $ 24,480,
a saving of $ 15,840 per year – enough to buy
three extra new printers a year!
For owners of smaller Canon wide format models such as the IPF6100, the level of
saving is the same – a user who consumes, on average, a set of 130 ml original cartridges per month at a typical price of
$ 75 each would spend $ 10,800 a year on Canon cartridges. With Ink2image cartridges, the spending would be only $
a saving of $ 4,320 per year.

The Ink2image compatible cartridges for Canon IPF wide format printers are a true plug and play alternative to original
Canon cartridges, and provide excellent color matching and runability along with significant cost savings. To find
cartridges for your printer, click on the links below.
This website is no longer being updated as of Jan 1st, 2018. Ink2image products are
available through Absolute Inkjet incorporated.
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