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  • Special UV absorbing black ink for superior light
  • Low cost, clear inks for non-active ink channels.
  • Screens can be burned longer for better polymer
  • Faster printing compared to pigment inks.
  • Increased scratch resistance.
  • Inks available in cartridges and bulk.
  • Cost effective, high quality film for both dye and
    pigment inks.
  • Bulk ink feed systems available to reduce costs.
Using an Epson inkjet printer as an image setter to print onto clear film has become the standard method of making
screen positives in the screen printing industry. The small dot size that these machines produce, and the ability to print at
high resolution provides an ideal way to make high quality color separations at a low cost compared to traditional photo
chemistry or thermal print methods. However, the original pigment inks provided by Epson are not ideally suited to the
screen positive process, providing poor light blocking performance and they can easily scratch off during the screen
exposure process. This has now all changed with the introduction of the i2i Absolute Black ink and film products from
Using specially developed, high density UV absorbing dyes,
the i2i Absolute Black ink provides superior light blocking
performance. As mentioned above, pigment inkjet inks are
not ideally suited to blocking light. The reason for this is that
they don’t easily ‘film form’ to provide complete coverage of
the printed area. The magnified images on the right show this
effect. The pigment black ink has not completely covered the
film and holes are visible that can cause ‘pin hole’ curing in
the polymer during the screen exposure process. The i2i
Absolute Black ink has completely covered the film with no
holes present. This means that screens can be exposed for
longer during the exposure process to provide better polymer
The i2i Absolute Black inks also are more scratch resistant and so films can be kept for re-use on print
job re-orders. Another draw back of the original pigment ink is that the printer has to print at high
resolution (and therefore a slow speed) to lay down a high enough ink coverage for the screen positive
making process. The superior film forming and light blocking characteristics of the i2i ink means the
printer can now be set to print at a higher speed to increase productivity.
i2i Absolute Black ink is supplied in ready to use remanufactured cartridges for most Epson
wide format printer models. Cartridges are priced at around 25% lower than original cartridges.
For single black users, the i2i ink is normally supplied in the photo black cartridge. However, for
multiple black users with special RIP software, cartridges are available filled with black ink for
any color channel on the printer. For even higher cost savings, Ink2image also provides bulk
ink devices and ink in bulk bottles for most Epson wide and small format printer models.
Most Epson printers used for making screen positives only print with the black cartridge, and don’t ever
use the other full color inks installed in the printer. Unfortunately, Epson printers do require that inks
essentially wasted during head cleaning cycles. Ink2image offers a low cost, clear ink for these
redundant ink channels to reduce wasted color ink costs by 50%. The i2i clear ink is freely mixable with
the original inks and will keep the print head working correctly should the machine ever be required for
full color printing in the future. Clear ink is supplied in cartridges for wide format models, or in bulk for
use in our range of bulk ink devices.
Ink2image provides a host of bulk ink devices for most models of Epson wide format and small
format printers. Combined with the i2i Absolute Black and Clear inks in bulk, our bulk ink
devices save upward of 70% compared to using original cartridges, and provide a truly cost
effective method of printing screen positives.

For Epson small format machines, such as the popular 13” wide Photo 1400 and Artisan 1430,
Ink2image provides refillable cartridges that are manually refilled from bulk ink bottles as they
run empty and are ideal for the small to large print volume user.

For Epson wide format printer customers, Ink2image provides refillable cartridges that fit in the
printer just like standard cartridges, but can be refilled from bulk ink bottles via a filling hole in
the top of the cartridge. The cartridges are translucent so ink levels can be easily monitored.
Resetting of the cartridge chips is handled by a simple hand held chip resetter that resets the
chips back to full each time they are refilled.
The i2i Absolute Black ink is normally mixable with other dye based black inks without issue, and can be run alongside
regular color inks for customers who want to print both full color images as well as screen positives, as long as the
printing software used allows this. However, for customers who are currently running cartridge, it is strongly
recommended that the printer is flushed out before installing the i2i black. The Epson color pigment inks and Absolute
Black ink don’t mix well together and machine reliability issues can occur without flushing. Ink2image provides low cost
cleaning cartridges that contain our renowned Dead Head cleaning fluid for this purpose (bulk ink users can buy the
same fluid in bulk). Flushing a printer is simply a matter of performing an ‘initial fill’ routine (instructions provided) with
cleaning cartridges installed prior to installing the i2i Absolute Black ink. Although flushing a printer adds to the
changeover cost of converting to the i2i ink, this initial cost is minimal. With Epson desk top printers, no flushing is
required as the i2i Absolute black ink can be quickly purged through the print head by running a few cleaning cycles.
The i2i Absolute Clear ink is freely mixable with all dye and pigment inks, and so can be used on all machines without
Installation guides for Absolute Black inks can be found by clicking here.
A high quality, 5 mil, water resistant film specially developed for screen positive production. The ink receptive coating
provides excellent dot gain, exceptionally high D-Max and very good scratch resistance. Developed specifically for use
with the i2i Absolute Black ink, the i2i film also works well with other pigment and dye inks. i2i Absolute film is supplied at
a very competitive price and is available in all popular cut sheet and roll sizes. Click on the banner below to go directly to
our store at Screen
2i Absolute Black and Clear inks work in most Epson desk top printers including the Photo 1400 and Artisan 1430, and in
all Epson wide format printer models including the Pro 3800, 3880, 4000, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7600, 7700, 7800, 7880,
7890, 7900, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, and 11880, as well as aqueous model printers from Roland, Mutoh,
and Mimaki. All products can be ordered on-line at our dedicated e-commerce site for screen separation printing, Screen Click on the banner below to go directly to the site.
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