• Simple self assembly design
  • Made from 4 mm toughened glass
  • No special tools required
  • Foam rubber non-slip base
  • Works with any print technology
  • Low cost - from as little as $ 2.65 each
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Product description
InSight Glass Photo Coaster, Black, pack of 4
$ 16.99
InSight Glass Photo Coaster, Black, pack of 12
$ 47.99
InSight Glass Photo Coaster, Black, pack of 50
$ 139.30
InSight Glass Photo Coaster, Black, pack of 100
$ 265.30
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The InSight Glass Photo Coasters from Ink2image features a simple self assembly
design that enables you to make a high quality solid glass coaster using your own
images in a matter of seconds. The coasters are made from 4 mm thick
toughened glass with a polished and beveled edge, and have a soft rubber, non-
slip base. Use with prints from any print technology – inkjet, laser, photographic,
dye sub etc. Simply slip the print under the rubber base, remove the backing
paper and seal the print in place. Any kind of image works with the photo coaster
– photos of family and friends, favorite places, favorite things, corporate logos,
favorite celebrities, sports team logos, favorite album covers – the possibilities are
Anyone can use the InSight Photo Coasters. For home users and hobbyists, they are an ideal way of presenting your
images, and a perfect gift for family and friends. For professional printing companies, they represent a great
opportunity for a high value added resale – photo printing businesses can offer them as unique photo presentation to
any customer. For wedding and event photographers, they are a simple and quick way of generating extra revenue
from their images.
The assembly of an InSight Photo Coaster takes less than a minute in four easy steps:-
Step 1 - Trim image to 3 1/4" x 3 1/4".
Step 2 - Slide image under rubber base.
Step 3 - Remove the paper backing from base.
Step 4 - Smooth down rubber base.
Finished in under a minute!
InSight Glass Photo Coasters are supplied in packs of 4, 12, 50, and 100.
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