Photographic prints on canvas that are stretched and wrapped around a wooden frame are a popular and innovative way
of presenting inkjet printed images. Traditionally, the method of producing canvas wraps involved making a frame and
then using stretching and stapling equipment to attach the canvas to the frame. With the new Gallerie wrap system from
Ink2image, a canvas wrap can be made in a matter of minutes with no special tools or training.
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  • Make a canvas wrapped print in less than 5
  • Unique design requires no specialized tools or
  • Stretcher bars available in 1 1/4" and 1 3/4"
  • Very cost effective - less than $ 12 for a 16" x
    12" wrap including canvas.
  • Stretcher bars supplied from 8" to 60" in length.
  • i2i Canvas available in matte and satin finishes.
  • i2i Print Guard protects finished wrap.
The Gallerie wrap system is extremely simple to use, and consists of self-adhesive
stretcher bars from 8” to 60” in length, re-usable corner assembly guides, corner
pins and braces, and archival glue. The process of making a wrap is very easy – the
only tool needed is a sharp knife – and takes about five minutes on average. Full
instructions are included with every Gallerie wrap product.  The system is also
extremely cost effective – a 16” x 12” wrap is less the $ 19 including canvas - and
compares to traditional and more complicated wrapping methods. System bars are
supplied in two ranges - the standard 1¼” depth range from 8” to 24” in length, and
in the Pro 1¾” depth range from 20” to 60” in length. All bars within a range are
interchangeable so all size formats can be made. With the Pro range, center braces
are available to prevent bowing on larger wraps over 30” in length.
STEP 1. Print the image onto Canvas and trim close to the edge. Ink2image provides a
range of high quality, archival Inkjet canvas for this purpose (see below for details). For
the standard range of Gallerie Wrap bars, the image should be printed 3" bigger than the
finished wrap size. For the Pro range of bars, the image should be 4" bigger than the
finished size.
STEP 2. Remove the protective paper from the self adhesive tape on each of the four
Gallerie Wrap stretcher bars.
STEP 3. Insert the Gallerie Wrap bars into the re-usable corner guides to form the frame.
The corner guides are keyed to that the bars can not be inserted the wrong way round,
and they hold the bars perfectly square. The guides also raise the bars slightly away from
the canvas to allow for easy positioning of the frame over the print.
STEP 4. Turn the print face down and position the assembled frame centrally on the back
of the print. Push down on each bar to adhere the bars to the back of the canvas.
STEP 5. Remove the corner guides and keep safe for re-use.
STEP 6. Using our canvas trimmer or a sharp knife, trim off the excess canvas. The
Gallerie wrap bars provide a nice straight edge to trim along.
STEP 7. After trimming the edges, cut diagonally across each corner.
STEP 8. Fold the canvas up and onto the self adhesive tape at each corner.
STEP 9. Using the included bottle of archival glue, run a small bead of glue along the
inside edge of each stretcher bar. The glue ensures that the canvas remains taught and
can't creep over time.
STEP 10. Taking one corner at a time, turn the bars to meet each other and insert a
corner pin into the pre-cut holes. This action and the unique design of the Gallerie Wrap
bars stretches the canvas so that it is perfectly taut over the frame. Note also the neat
way the canvas is wrapped inside the corners - no bulging as occurs with traditional
wrapping methods where the canvas is tucked under itself.
STEP 11. Snap a corner brace into each corner. The corner braces pop into pre-cut
grooves in the stretcher bars and keep the finished wrap perfectly square.
STEP 12. Turn the print over and you have a finished wrap ready to hang - made in 5
minutes and with no specialized equipment or tools.
Click here to down load a PDF information sheet and price list on the Gallerie Wrap system. Ordering the Gallerie wrap
system components is very simple. Firstly, decide on which range of stretcher bars are most suited to the print size –
standard for images up to 24” by 24”, or Pro for images up to 40” by 60”. A corner kit is then needed for the chosen
range. This contains the re-usable corner assembly guides and enough archival glue for dozens of wraps. Then, order
the stretcher bars in the required lengths. The standard bars come in packs of two or twenty, and the Pro bars in packs of
two or eight. All bar packs contain the required corner pins and corner braces. For Pro bar images over 30” in length then
a center braces should also be ordered singly, or in packs of four. As an example, to produce ten 16” x 12” wraps, then a
standard corner kit, a twenty pack of 16” standard bars, and a twenty pack of 12” standard bars would be needed.
Gallerie Wrap system can be ordered on-line at our store at
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The Gallerie Wrap system works with most medium to heavy weight canvas media. However, Ink2image offers a high
quality and cost effective range of inkjet canvas in matte, and high gloss finishes.
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pricing and details.

As canvas wraps are normally displayed without a glass covering, it is recommended that the print is coated to protect
from damage, and Ink2image provides the world renowned Print Guard spray coating for this purpose. Print Guard is
supplied in 400 ml aerosols or in bulk 5 liter bottles to provide a virtually invisible, water resistant coating that increases
fade resistance by as much as 1000% as well as protecting against scratches, finger prints and common house hold
cleaning agents.
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A new novel canvas trimmer is now available that simplifies the finishing process even
further, and is safer than using a sharp knife. The trimmer simply slides over the canvas
and cuts a perfectly straight cut up to the edge of the bars, The trimmer can be ordered
separately, or as part of a corner kit, and can be adjusted for right and left handed
operation. Uses a regular scalpel blade and replacement blades can be purchased from
any craft or modeling store.
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