The Fotonic XG V2 inks provide great color combined with a high degree of fade resistance. These
inks use unique, specially developed high strength dyes to increase the longevity of a print by four
to five times compared to normal dye based ink sets. When used with recommended media, the
display life of a Fotonic print is in the range of 25-30 years under average indoor display
conditions. The colour gamut of Fotonic XG ink is matched to the colour gamut provided by
traditional photographic processes. By matching to this standard, Fotonic inks are able to provide a
colour gamut approximately 20% wider than most dye based ink sets can offer. In the gamut
comparison on the right, the Fotonic dye inks colour gamut is represent by the outer line and
Epson OEM dye ink is represented by the inner line. Gamut was measured on target prints
produced by an Epson Photo 1280 printer.

Fotonic XG are the ideal inks for users who want to achieve the same kind of color brilliance that
they expect from traditional photo chemistry combined with a high degree of fade resistance for
long term display. The Fotonic XG Premium inks are the latest addition to the Fotonic range, and
are color matched to the Epson Claria inks as used on the Epson Artisan 1430,Photo 1400 and the
Epson Six color R, RX series, and Artisan printers. Fotonic XG is also equally as fade resistant as
the Claria inks. .Another benefit when using Fotonic on the latest Epson printer models is that it
works equally well on both glossy and matte media so there is no need to change out blacks when
switching media. Supplied in compatible wide format cartridges and bulk bottles for use with our
range of
bulk ink feed systems,

Users of wide format printer models should be aware that cleaning is recommended before
installing Fotonic, and Ink2image supplies
cleaning cartridges for this purpose.
Bulk ink Bottles
Product Code
Product description
Fotonic XG archival dye ink 4 oz Bottle - any color
$ 21.00
Fotonic XG archival dye ink 8 oz Bottle - any color
$ 39.90
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